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Creekside Resort & Spa - Union, West Virginia

Phone: 304-832-6433
Toll Free: 800-691-6420

Number of Rooms: 12
Number of Baths: 12
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Faith Lodge Bed and Breakfast - Buckhannon, West Virginia

Phone: 304-472-3984

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James Wylie House - White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Phone: 304-536-9444
Toll Free: (800) 870-1613

Number of Rooms: 5
Number of Baths: 5
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Silver Maple Hubbard Inn - Franklin, West Virginia

Phone: 304-668-4918
Toll Free: 304-902-9007

Recently renovated Inn.Turn key ready for new owner,Quaint lovely town.

Sale Price: $329,000
Number of Rooms: 7
Number of Baths: 5
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